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About Us

Welcome to FDB (The Freelancers Film Database). It was established in 2017 to address the rising growth in film and video industry and the need for freelancers and product companies to be united. Our focus is Romania and Eastern Europe, we have offices in Bucharest, the capital of Romania and the biggest center of film/television/commercial industry. Our website which is still in-development is an important part of our approach to provide better services to our international customers, trying to work hard and expand our capabilities.


Even if you need supplementary staff, or full crew just make contact with us regarding your production and we will find you the peoples or crews that meet your requirements and budget. When you post a request for services, our team notify the professionals that fit your needs. With our management platform it’s easy to find the best professionals to join your team.


To connect faster production crew with vendors, agencies and freelancers. The world of freelancers is one full of excitement and opportunities. With the film industry being quite competitive, it’s vital to know the factors that influence freelancers when they accept a job.


To connect production agencies with freelancers in a quick and convenient way, to empower individuals to accomplish their career goals. We believe that one of the best investments an individual can make is in their career. Our mission is to help more and more people navigate the challenge of building a fulfilling career. One final noteworthy point for you – around 90 per cent of people working in film production are FREELANCERS. Finding reliable and qualified crew wasted valuable hours that could be spent on the creative details, and it cost an exorbitant amount of money to advertise locally so it was nearly impossible to grow in other markets.


We are a small talented team of professional working hard to provide the best services for both freelancers and employers. Whatever your budget is, we will deliver a custom and unique service to all our clients. We want to become your video and film production partner. We help link directors with cinematographers, service providers to clients been always proud of what we achieved.


Our network provides a useful platform for professionals to showcase their talents and skills. When you post a request for production services, our team of experts identify and notify professionals that best meet your needs, location and budget. Our site is easy and friendly to use. Join our community of actors, singers, film and TV crew, musicians, dancers and other creative professionals today. It’s free! As the largest networking and recruitment services for people in the creative industry, there is never a dull day at FDB. Find, attract and hire the best possible person or company for your project with our handy tools. Our management platform makes it easy to find the best professionals to join your team. Our team is made up of passionate and creative people who work hard and love the industry.

Join us today!